10 Amazing Home Inventory List Template

Home inventory list template

There are many home inventory list apps on offer, but  the easiest way to start home inventory is to go through your home and capture video. Video alone is not enough for a home insurance claim, but if you have one, you can use it as a reference to the seafaring list and it can act as part of your “loss certainty”.

An inventory list is a list of products or personal items that you have in your home, apartment, or apartment. Lists can be categorized according to status, item type, collection, or other related conditions.

Step to Start Home Inventory List

Take videos of all the rooms in your house one by one. If you have large elements, watch a video about serial numbers and templates for this item. Open boxes and cabinets and store content to see what’s out there.

If you have a liquor cabinet, wine cellar, art, your jewelry box collection, record a video.

  • Create a digital home inventory list

The photography you have is good practice and can also serve as a starting point for creating home inventory. Do the same as a video: Take photos of entire rooms, specific areas, boxes, cabinets, and objects. If the element has a model number or serial number, take a photo of it. Then use them to create a home inventory list as soon as you have time.

This video is a great first step, and offers some protection until you have time to document it all in the official app. Getting something with your hands during a takeover is better than nothing, even photos. Do something about it.

The claim will not wait until you have time to make the official list.

  • Find the value of your content

In addition to having a list of products that can be replaced by insurance companies in a claim, it is important to know the value of the item to determine if you have the right insurance and how much insurance you need in your content.

Now is also a good time to ask your insurance company what the basis for removing the claim is and whether you get reimbursement fees. Otherwise, it’s a good time to check your insurance because no one wants to be surprised that they don’t get enough money to replace their stuff when a claim occurs.

  • Isn’t what you have in your home worthwhile?

A quick way to find out if what you have, even worth the inventory of the house, is to get into your home room with a calculator.

The value of “Items in your home” may surprise you. Are you sure? Here’s a simple hack: try the 5-minute calculator challenge.

Treat yourself to a 5-minute challenge. Start adding new charges to your computer for everything you see. Do not list the large sales price at which you received the item; List how much the full price costs because in the claim you will definitely not find the offer, as you did when you originally picked up the product. How much do you get in five minutes?

You still not sure? Go to the closet and take the computer with you. Start getting replacement value for shoes, dresses, suits, jeans, wallets, sweaters, and T-shirts. Don’t forget your coat and coat! You probably won’t hang around the closet until you realize that what you have is worth more than you think.

Another room where the property costs surprisingly is the kitchen: pots, pans and kitchen utensils and other appliances are calculated very quickly. Why don’t you give it a try?

  • Free home inventory apps and other digital tools

There are many tools available to help you gather all the information you need to create an inventory list for the home included in the claim.

Start with your insurer to see if they offer a stock app or if they have the tools they recommend. This can save you time if you ever have to make a claim.

You can also look for other options in your app store. Be sure to read reviews before downloading the home inventory app.

Make sure that each application you choose allows you to export lists and data so that you don’t lose everything when the company stops building products or applications.

  • Safe and accessible home inventory list

Home supplies are important, but keeping them in your home may not be the best idea. This technology offers the option to store data in the cloud or a place that can be accessed from anywhere at any time. You no longer need to keep inventory at home in a safe or give a copy to a friend. (You can still vote, of course.) For all the services you use, make sure that:

  • Understand service privacy and security settings
  • Keep your data private and not publicly available
  • Keep your home address off the inventory list if it falls into the wrong hands
  • Consider putting your insurance number and claiming the phone number on the form so you can also use it to make a claim
  • Determine that you have reliable use of the services you use
  • Give access to key adult MPs if someone is unavailable, if you need information, for any reason

You can consider a secure cloud file storage service to store videos and images, and then paste the detailed list as soon as it’s ready. Make sure you’ve backed up all your data in a place other than your phone, home computer, or home. Some people keep copies in their offices.

Essential Part of the Home inventory list

The home inventory list should contain as much information as possible about the following items:

  • Item description
  • Create, template, or serial number if applicable
  • Estimation or cost at the time of purchase
  • Where items are purchased
  • Buy
  • If appropriate, the receipt or photo in the Attachment
  • Estimated compensation costs if you purchased today

Why do you need a home inventory list?

The main reason for listing your home inventory is to be able to prove your losses and earn the most money from your insurance company if you have to file a claim.

Whenever you want to make a claim, the insurance company will ask you to list the missing material.

If you don’t know the items on your list or don’t know the details, you may not be paid enough money or may not be compensated at all. If you have big requirements, it can be hard to remember everything because so much is happening. Setting up a list is one thing less to think about.

Home Inventory list Template

Home inventory list template Home inventory list template Home inventory list template Home inventory list template Home inventory list template Home inventory list template Home inventory list template Home inventory list template Home inventory list template Home inventory list template

Home inventory list template


The best time to create a home inventory list is now. Even a basic list is better than nothing and gives you a good start on claims. If you are a first-time home buyer, or if you received a list of your first home or condo, or went through a start-up process, you can also understand:

  1. How much insurance do you need
  2. What kind of insurance you need

Insurance has certain limitations on  what is and is not covered by some  items. Just because you have an item on the list doesn’t mean you get paid for it.  There are  also special restrictions  on specific categories of goods. For example, you  may need to buy an insurance driver  for  jewelry.



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